Do You Know??



Croach has lived since Paleozoikum period. What are their abilities? Check this out!

  1. adapt toward extreme conditions, for example : nuclear radiation
  2. Produce 400,000 eggs for a year
  3. They eat everything
  4. Ran very fast because they have an antena (as organ of touch) and sirine (as dangerous signal)
  5. Survive for 90 days without water
  6. Still alive even though they lost their feet/antena
  7. Still can produce eggs although they dead or their head is cut off.

Facts about mosquitos

  1. They appear in summer because they were born perfectly
  2. Do fertilization only one at their life
  3. They suck blood because their need much proteins for fertilizing
  4. They have 6 needles for cutting our epidermis, making a hole on vein and extending salivary glands and substances
  5. They have a substance that prevent frozing blood that cause itch
  6. They like carbon dioxide, our perspiration, smells of foot, parfume, women’s hormone, dark colour and clean water.

Flea and Their Friends

  1. Flea is flying dirt who eat our ‘stratum corneum’ while producing digestive enzyme that cause asthma or allergy if it entered our body.
  2. ‘Tuma’ has lived on our eyebrows, dug our pores and stayed there!
  3. ‘Tungau’ has liver on our armpit or wrist. They produce eggs and contagious.

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